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Damah Shahwaniya
2007, chestnut, SE
(Hafid Jamil x Monassabah by Ibn Bint Inas)
Breeder: Reiter

Arabergestüt Reiter
Photo: Nadine Knümann

Arabergestüt Reiter          Arabergestüt Reiter
Photos: Nadine Knümann

Milan cannot deny his sire Hafid Jamil, showing the same proud attitude, a very charming, charismatic boy. Milan has a great body with level topline and a nicely shaped neck and loves to present his elastic, wide movement.



1997, grey, 'Golden Cross'
(Ansata Sinan x Marratxi by Gual Moghar)

Arabergestüt Reiter
Photo: Escher

Martinique already as a yearling had a very special ‚look’, she is a fine example of a Spanish-Egyptian cross. She won Most Classic head as well as a lot of Championships and Reserve Championships, in 2005 she was Senior Champion Res in the All Nations Cup as well as in the European Chmapionships. Moreover she has proved to be her breeding ability, her daughter also winning her class in the All Nations Cup!




2000, grey, SE
(Maysoun x Mahasin by Al Kidir)

Arabergestüt Reiter
Photo: Anders

Very typey filly, who has grown out to a wonderful motherly mare. Mareeka not only convinces by her beauty but also has a very sweet disposition. For another photo of Mareeka please look at ‘About Us’.



2003, grey, SE
(Al Lahab x Mahasin by Al Kidir)

Arabergestüt Reiter
Photo: Anders

We just loved this charming princess, she has everything we expect from a desert horse. In the introduction you can see her photo in the age of two. In the meantime Mahala won a lot of championships, among them B-show championships for her new owners of Rabab Stud.




2005, black, SE
(Al Lahab x Najimah by The Ministril)

Arabergestüt Reiter
Photo: Schiess-Walt

Al Lahab and Najimah were so nice to give us a black filly ! Noelle not only has a special colour but has also grown up to be an elegant yearling with very long neck, level topline and a fine head.




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