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About us

Arabergestüt Reiter
Mareeka and Susanne Reiter, Foto: Anders

Being busy with horses practically all my life I was more and more attracted to the beauty and the charisma of Arabian horses. In 1989, my my wish was fulfilled to own Arabian horses and even more, to 'live with them': we purchased two Purebred Arabian mares from Spanish bloodlines, both in foal. One of these mares, Mendessa (Menzahib x Kanita by Tabal) impressed by her good temperament and her offspring so much so that we kept this damline through her daughter Marratxi. Of course, when the first two foals were born, I was so fascinated, that these foals did not remain our last ones.

In spite of the Spanish qualities such as riding ability, perfect toplines and correct legs, powerful trott, we were more and more attracted by the nobility and special type of Egyptian bred horses. The combination of these bloodlines, however, again and again resulted in outstanding show- and riding horses. So we changed our breeding program to straight Egyptian and Golden Cross Arabian horses. For the moment, Marratxi is our only straight Spanish broodmare. She delivered the best offspring with outcross (non Spanish) sires.

First, we were lucky to have several show successes with ‘Golden Cross’ horses. In the following years we more and more concentrated on the breed of Egyptian lines. After some years we were rewarded by some very nice Egyptian youngsters, one of them, Mahala, for example, has shown that she can very well compete in the showring. In spite of emphasizing the Arabian type in our breed, we have tried not to neglect correctness as well as an easy disposition (nearly all of our horses love people) by selecting horse with good temperament. In the long run we did not use horses who turned out to be difficult to handle in our breeding program. Finally, the Arabian horse may not only be a most beautiful individual but should also be a nice family member and/or reliable riding horse.





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